Why does this program exist? 

The GCE exists because it is too demanding and complicated to make a responsible energy upgrade completely on your own. We believed that there should be a streamlined simple and effective way to take action on energy infrastructure projects that are a WIN, WIN, WIN for everyone involved.  In cooperation with lending institutions, engineering standards, federal incentives, state incentives, we worked together to make energy efficiency and generation a viable financial option.

It sounds too good to be true?

This program is designed to invest in the long term success of energy efficiency and generation, but the reality is that energy development is already completely proven and very predictable.  The GCE is a simple system for people to work together so everyone wins.  If we didn't have the opportunity to serve large facilities, aligned with engineering, strategic systems, and capital it wouldn't work.  This is a program that truly relies on the expertise of everyone working together to win.

Is my savings guaranteed through Guaranteed Clean Energy? 

Yes, GUARANTEED. The energy savings is calculated before and after your project on an annual basis.  If your project is showing that you are not saving the amount of energy expected, you are cut a check for the difference by a rated third party insurance company that backs the policy. 

Am I a good candidate to receive funding from the Guaranteed Clean Energy initiative? 

To qualify you must 1) spend $100,000 per year or more on utilities 2) have building square footage over 50,000 sq ft. 3) Be willing to help in the process

If I have a relationship with a vendor I really trust, am I allowed to choose my own contractors?

Yes, GCE provides best of breed contractors and products to offer alongside your existing relationships so you are in control of the transparent selection process.

Will GCE assist with rebates and incentives? 

GCE will ensure you receive applicable utility rebates and other available incentives in addition to the GCE funding. GCE and/or your vendors will help you manage the incentives process and maximize the money. 

Where does the money come from? Is this a federal or state program? 

The GCE uses money from federal, state, and local authorities, including county port authorities, as well as other public and private funds to facilitate this initiative.  

What is the liability for taking on capital through the GCE? 

For most loan programs, the GCE requires no personal or business recourse, the energy project itself is the collateral.  As with any loan, the more you are able to take liability, the less risk and lower the rates.

How does the Guaranteed Clean Energy initiative make money? 

Our consultants and management costs are a fixed percentage based on your project needs so that we can maintain our role as your energy fiduciary.

GCE similarities with PACE? 

GCE works seamlessly to integrate along with PACE.  GCE can be used to shorten the time frames and restrictions within a PACE project, as well as open a new PACE district.  

How do schools get property tax? 

Schools are already assessed property tax, however the bill is normally $0.  When a school system utilizes the property assessment option through the GCE they will simply add to the balance of $0 the amount of the agreement.

What energy conservation measures qualify?

HVAC, Variable Speed Drives, Motors, Windows, LED lighting, Roofing, and Solar are just to name a few.  The role of the GCE is to help invest in energy savings and clean energy, so if your project can show a positive cash flow regardless of the measure, it will be considered. 

Can we do solar?

Yes. Solar is strongly encouraged when the payback is cash flow positive.  In most cases with solar, GCE will also recommend an energy conservation measure to go along with the generation of new clean energy.

Can we do separate projects together? 

Yes many efficiency measures require different timelines and installation considerations to be coordinated alongside your normal operations. The GCE will work with you to facilitate the most efficient installation processes for your unique project. 

Where is the money distributed?

The cost for the projects is delivered directly to the vendors from the GCE.

Can we invest in commercial facilities and use the GCE to upgrade the facility and sell it?

Yes. This initiative is very useful for Hotels, REIT’s, and others that invest in making commercial property more valuable.

How are the interest rates determined?

Rates are based on the energy savings measures, type of building, risk of the building being unoccupied, type of organization, and credit risk.

How can I be sure that I am getting the right price?

The GCE allows you to be in control of your vendors, the apples to apples RFQ, and your own bid process.  In the event you want assistance, several top-tier vendors have been approved and will help identify and facilitate your projects.

How do I get scheduled for a qualifying visit from the GCE? 

Simply fill out the form on our contact page and a local GCE approved administrator will call and schedule a meeting with you at your facility. or email: admin@guaranteedcleanenergy.com